The recycling of cans

The recycling of cans

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Did you know that the aluminum cans can live a second life thanks to recycling? Thousands of are consumed every day aluminum cans and it is right to think of them recycling in the appropriate separate collection. However the tin cans they can be transformed into furniture for the home, objects of art, etc. Here are some ideas for the recycling of the aluminum cans.

Aluminum cans recycling. Coasters
The aluminum cans they can become fantastic coasters.
It will be necessary to wash and dry carefully can and then press it with a hammer in order to flatten it and mix it as much as possible. Once you have a kind of tile, you can cut it according to your creativity. To cover the cutout you can glue the remainder of colored tape and that's it.

Aluminum cans recycling. Lampshades and lanterns
The tin cans they can turn into perfect lampshades. A pair of scissors and aluminum paint are enough.
Cut the can vertically into two parts. In the part you prefer, cut out some boxes as you like so that the light can pass. Now you can paint the tin in the color you prefer. If you want to make lanterns, just use the can in its entirety.

Aluminum cans recycling. Jewelry
With the tabs of the aluminum cans you can make nice jewels.
Just paint them, work them to your liking. Thanks to their particular shape, they can be transformed into pendant earrings, bracelets intertwined with colored threads, truly original necklaces. Do you think that even some stylists have made dresses or bags simply using the tabs.

Aluminum cans recycling. The art
A sculptor has managed to create miniature statues that reproduce the characters of Star Wars, Batman, Super Mario Bross, Toy Story and many other characters from cartoons or from the world of science fiction or the animal world. In the collection there is no shortage of paintings made in the same way. His ideas can be easily imitated. It's about picking up cans, squeezing or opening them, cutting them like paper.

Why don't you try it too? About 261 aluminum containers are enough to build a seat, while only 92 are enough for the table. Obviously it's just a starting point, now you just have to give inspiration to your creativity.

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