The figure of the Food Manager is born

The figure of the Food Manager is born

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Who is the Food Manager? A professional figure who combines technical skills with managerial knowledge in food supply chain. You become one with a master, the first in Italy was organized by theCarlo Catteneo LIUC University of Castellanza, which begins on January 21, 2013 in collaboration with theItalian Association of Food Technology and the patronage of Council of the National Order of Food Technologists.

The Master in Food Management from LIUC aims to train new professional profiles of technicians and managers of food industry processes with a broader and transversal preparation of the different functional areas. The course stems from the need expressed by food companies to have people able to overcome the barriers of competence between technicians (food technologists, chemists, biologists) and managers of industrial food production.

Five thematic areas will be analyzed during the lessons: strategic management of food products; economic and financial performance; product policies in the food; food industry and consumer science; transversal skills.

There are also five teachers who make up the scientific committee of the master: Giuseppe Toscano (Pricing & Costing - Carlo Cattaneo LIUC University); Sebastiano Porretta (SSICA - Parma); Fernando Alberti (Strategy - Carlo Cattaneo LIUC University) e Annamaria Vinci (Pricing & Costing - Carlo Cattaneo LIUC University). Whirlpool is a premium partner; sponsor Autogrill, Illy is Peroni.

“When it comes to food stream, one cannot imagine a segmented process with no communication between the individual moments - he has declared Mauro Piloni by Whirlpool -; for this reason, as a leading company in the world of household appliances and an actor in the food supply chain, we aim to have among our professionals profiles capable of assessing the impact of technical choices in terms of economic competitiveness ".

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