Infiniti Q50 Hybrid

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid

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Infinite is the trademark of luxury car of the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. Infiniti presented a new one sports sedan on the occasion ofDetroit Auto Show 2013. There Infiniti sports sedan includes traction hybrid, is called Infiniti Q50, at first it will debut on the US auto market and then land on the global market by the end of 2014. No price has been mentioned but considering the luxury brand and the high performance typical of Infinite… It won't be enough to break the piggy bank!


Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, the design
Aesthetically, it has a double arch profile on the front grille, this flows energetically along the entire side to end only in the rear section. The flowing lines give the car a dynamic and athletic look. In the rear portion, the lines that flow like waves merge with the LED technology of the lights.

Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, the engine
The 24-valve engine is the 3.7-liter V6DOHC, in aluminum alloy is capable of delivering a power of 328 hp and reaching a torque of 255 Nm. The internal combustion engine is flanked by one electric 50 kW, rated at 67 horsepower and 199 Nm of torque. Thus, it is estimated a power hybrid of 354 horses.

The entire system will be coupled to an electrically controlled automatic transmission with 7 gears, with the possibility of manual gearbox and the availability of controls mounted as levers on the steering column. The drive can be rear or All-Wheel Drive.


Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, technology
With the'Infiniti Q50 will make its world premiere, the new technology Infiniti Direct Adaptive Steering. This is a unique steering system of the Q50, this will allow independent control of wheel angle and steering inputs. In other words, the system will serve to give more immediacy to driving, theInfiniti Direct adaptive Steering it will transmit the driver's intentions to the wheels faster than any other mechanical control does.

Another gem in absolute preview is given by the device Acrive Lane Control, a straight-line stability detection system that uses video technology. The system will serve to improve vehicle stability and the ability to keep it exactly in the middle of the lane.

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