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EOS 2013 - Competition for green artists

EOS 2013 - Competition for green artists

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There will be green works and projects on display at the fair EOS - Exposition of Sustainability scheduled from 17 to 19 May 2013 a Udine. Here then is a great opportunity for artists, designers and garden designer that make the green your message through the choice of eco materials, or that they throw sustainability messages, also in the sign of reuse.

There call for green ideas it started on 17 December 2012 and is in full swing: the organizing secretariat of the event will collect until February 28, 2013 projects and works, inspired by environmental sustainability, created by those who interpret the green economy in design and art.

THEworks received will be selected by a special commission composed of the art critic Licio Damiani, by the architect Paolo Beleù and by the journalist Alberto Rochira. The works considered of greatest artistic interest and pertinent to the green theme will have a chance to beexhibited at EOS – national showcase of sustainability - to form a colorful creative synthesis of green inspiration.

The exhibition will then be accessible to all visitors to the fair (which is free) during the three days of the event EOS - Exposition of Sustainability from 17 to 19 May 2013.

EOS is an event where people can discover and understand the possible scenarios of the future (in all fields, for the city and the environment of 2020, with the Italian and European excellences of Austria, Slovenia, Germany and France) and how the habits of people in the coming years taking into account that lifestyle and economic and political choices will increasingly go into one eco-sustainable direction.

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