Umbria, all together passionately

Umbria, all together passionately

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There Umbria Region reached the national and European summits forvanguard and technological diffusion in the name of green economy. This is also thanks to the recent digital innovations, including applications for smartphones, tablets and the spread of ebook. The Umbria Region is the first institution in Europe to have adopted a App system to offer extremely advanced services e virtual reality.

The purpose of the Umbria Region is to promote its territory, the green heart of Italy. This is the first region in Italy to have published ebook perfect for tourist propaganda and information: lower paper consumption, with ebook is ensured, as well as attention to the environment andsustainable economy through the use of tools of tourism.

There Umbria Region will not miss the BIT 2013. The Umbria stand will feature four 80-inch maxi screens, arranged vertically on the sides, the screens will preview the new promotional video of Umbria and the exclusive presentation of the applications of the region.

Multimedia content, videos, high-resolution images ... the entire digital documentation can be downloaded in Italian or English, just a portable device such as an iPhone, an iPad but also smartphones and tablets with Android operating system, the Umbria Region is available for all. 60 products are available online and coming soon. The last three titles speak of "food and wine“, “Etruscan signs ", is "Via di San Francesco ", extremely user friendly and characterized by the "virtual reality ".

And so, Umbria, at the International Tourism Exchange, will present its digital face. Its stand will occupy an area of ​​165 square meters and the claim will be "Passionately". The Umbrian stand has been redesigned and redesigned around a sort of conveyor belt which allows visitors a tasting of typical products, wines and chocolate. Recall that the BIT 2013 will take place at Milan from 14 to 17 February.

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