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The alternative wind power for the home

The alternative wind power for the home

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To integrate solar panels in a home environment it is not that difficult. There are photovoltaic roofs for every need and with thin film technology, walkable photovoltaic surfaces have been created with high energy efficiency. The speech changes drastically when it comes to wind energy, the market offers few alternatives and those who want to produce wind energy to meet the domestic electricity needs, it must rely on mini wind with vertical or horizontal turbines.

Fortunately, more and more companies are moving to provide new solutions. We have seen it with Eco Whisper, the silent wind turbine for the home and today we see it with a new turbine that could be very successful in the field ofsustainable building, is called windpods.


The invention we are talking about is Australian, where thewind energy is well rooted in the collective culture, after all Australia is the homeland of Hepburn, the former wind community of the world. The turbine was built in 2007 and for its large-scale production it received the aid of the Australian government. Today the modular wind generator is ready to enter the homes of lovers of aeolus. The turbine can be purchased and is used in various areas of the green building.

The turbine was designed by Graeme Attey, of Fremantle. The modular wind turbine is small enough to be housed on the roof of a house or to cover part of a skyscraper to ensure excellent electricity production. The modular wind generator it has a length of about one meter and is only half a meter high. It succeeds in produce energy thanks to the internal blades that rotate pushed by the wind.


The system can be combined with a series of solar modules so as to fully satisfy the electricity needs of a home, the solar-wind mix would not only make a house self-sufficient but would produce an electrical surplus ready to be fed into eletricity grid town and guarantee a profit to the owner of the plant

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