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Food exports to the BRIC area

Food exports to the BRIC area

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There Lombardy region is planning a seminar dedicated to certifications of eno-agri-food products intended for non-EU markets, with a specific focus on Russia, India, China is Brazil.

The initiative is organized as part of the project Lombardia Food & Wine promoted by Lombardy region is Unioncamere Lombardia, and made with the support of Promos. The seminar will take place at the headquarters of the Region (Piazza Città di Lombardia - Milan) Wednesday 13 February 2013.

Non-EU markets, and among these in particular the growing economies of the area BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China - are of strategic importance for the growth of the Italian system and vital for Made in Italy companies, including agri-food.

The importance of these destinations depends on the one hand on the size of the markets themselves and on the other on the high growth rates. Whether in countries where theitalian food it is appreciated and represents a value is a further and sure advantage.

During the seminar the following topics will be explored:

  • Analysis of the requirements for the introduction of food and wine products in India, Russia, China and Brazil;
  • In-depth analysis by product sectors: wines, cold cuts, cheese-dairy products, oil, rice, fruit, pasta, sweets, coffee and soft drinks;
  • In-depth study of certifications of international significance in the food and wine sector.

There participation at the seminar is free, prior signing up by February 7.

For information: [email protected] - [email protected]

Video: NEPC unveils certification for food exports (July 2022).


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