Car-D-Board, from recycled cardboard

Car-D-Board, from recycled cardboard

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Recycle the cardboardit means using it again and upgrading it in a positive way. The cardboard it is a very versatile material: many give new life to cardboard, marrying the concept of zero cost and low impact. On the wave of savings, design has also stepped forward by recreating furniture and objects of great emotional impact.

An example of recycling functional of the cardboard is the Wiggle Side Chair, a chair entirely created in cardboard by Frank Gehry. But no one had ever thought of making a 'car with this recycled material. We were amazed by the 53-year-old Frenchman Thierry Dumaine, designer and art teacher in Nice.

Nothing so unthinkable, a real car complete with an engine. It is hisCar-D-Board, the car with which he participated in the Michelin Challenge Design 2013, earning the final. Except for the floor which is made of recycled plastic, the car is entirely made of recycled cardboard, starting from the internal seats up to the frame and finally the roof.

The car, without doors to be more in contact with nature, is very light, weighs only 300 kg and is able to travel up to 120 km / h. The thing that most impresses is the hybrid power supply of the 400 cm3 engine: it can run on gasoline, electricity or compressed air. The tires of the Car-D-Board they are airless and incorporate large fans that act as integrated electric generators. in this way the on-board batteries are recharged while on the move. As for the instrumentation, just connect the car to a smartphone.

Dumaine is a repeat offender of this kind of inventions: a couple of years ago he created another concept, perhaps a little more daring, always based on respect for the environment:Ventile Car, a hybrid powered by gigantic wind wheels. Perhaps the car will remain a concept but the desire to experiment and create objects from waste material to bring it back to life is an important challenge.

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