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3D Cinema Smart TV

3D Cinema Smart TV

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The one presented to CES 2013 from LG is among the first TV to benefit from technology oled. When it comes to TV, to amaze theHigh Definition or 3D functions, which have almost become standards. Today, smart televisions must allow us to impress us internet browsing, ensure access to services streaming video and they must have flawless aesthetics. We almost overlooked a detail, they must be ad high energy efficiency and theoled it is the top of the range technology currently on the market.

The Smart TV of LG they have all the features just mentioned, a further study for the version OLED can be viewed in our article. Today we will talk about LG Smart TVs with ad technology high energy efficiency LED PLUS. Technology Smart Energy Saving controls the brightness of the TV so as to reduce energy consumption when light intensity is superfluous. This technology results in a substantial saving of money on the bill. The screen-off mode allows you to listen to the audio while the screen is off.

Why one tv with internet connection?
Imagine browsing facebook profiles with the remote control, on TV ... yes, maybe this is not the best, but if managing social networks is not enough motivation to bring Internet on TV then we must think about the possibility of watching videos in streaming.

There energy rating of this TV is the A +. The code name of the LG smart tv is 47LM670T-ZA and here is innovation full hd it is guaranteed to enjoy 100 percent Blu-ray resolutions. There Internet connection takes place via Wi-Fi access, wireless technology is integrated directly into the TV. The 3D cinema arrive home with the special goggles, light and included in the price.

The LG Smart TV is available in 42, 47 and 55 inch sizes and each version maximizes every watt invested in its power supply. The list price is £ 1079.99.

Video: LG CINEMA 3D - demo (July 2022).


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