Ideas to customize the bike

Ideas to customize the bike

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Yours bike it's too anonymous and you're on the hunt for ideas creative for customize it? Do not worry, just a little creativity and manpower but ... in the absence of that there are the right purchases: on the market there is no shortage of real kits or accessories for customize the bike.

There are those who have thought well of customize the bike making crochet saddle and handlebar covers. We are not kidding, this was the idea of Doria, the blogger of “”. The woman who used rolls of tape and crochet n. 12 to knit low crochet and make a soft seat cover. If theidea she's not masculine enough, don't despair! Boys can focus on wooden seat covers or products tougher like the plots offered by the duo Tagmi.


It is about graphic customizations which consist of a kit consisting of 7 long lasting polymer films, these behave like one second skin for the bicycle customizing it to the maximum. The intervention is low cost and also with low environmental impact. The kit in question is part of the line Fix Your Bike and includes all sorts of plots: from the theme of crosswords to that of tetris, without forgetting polymers, military, camouflage, colorful, abstract or more imaginative plots, such as the kit entitled Tape 001, a polymer film that will bike of a lot of audio cassettes. The Fix Your Bike kits cost approximately 49 euros.

Many glue components to the handlebars, others enrich the bicycle with a bell or a horn. In addition to the very original wooden and crochet saddles, there are plush, leopard, zebra-print seat covers ... There is no shortage of flags of all kinds or puppets mounted on the fork. There is who for customize the bike paste simple stickers, so that you can see bicycles with Apple, Nike or Adidas logos around.

Other customizations could concern the chain, pedals and wheels, also in this case with the purchase of ad hoc kits or with the aid of creativity and paint.


Another way to customize the bike is the addition of a basket. Maybe boys could make it with a wooden box while girls could create a basket using old bags or wicker baskets!

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