NCycle, the futuristic bike

NCycle, the futuristic bike

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nCycle it's a electric bike futuristic. Perfect for those who love technology, ergonomics and comfort. nCycle, with its design and its features, will revolutionize the two-wheeled pedal and go industry bike it will seem like a dream ... let's see why!

Dream about one folding bicycle highly elegant? IS' nCycle. Dream about one electric bike flawlessly designed? IS' nCycle. You dream of a bicycle that can use the headlights as speakers Bluetooth? Once again… it is nCycle!

nCycle it was designed by a New York company and exhibited on the Behance portal. The designers have decided to relaunch the image of bicycle giving it a completely new look. New aesthetic integration and new functions, all using the good old pedal system!

Thus, nCycle is unlike any bicycle -or electric bike- that we have ever seen. Most of the ebike, differs from bike conventional simply by the presence of a electric motor. nCycle seems to have been created specifically for the new generations, for the era of smartphone and hitech products. The headlights are integrated into the handlebar which extends with an axis that acts as an anti-theft device: the shape of the handlebar creates a safety ring, so the cyclist does not have to carry chains or blocks for the wheels. Both headlamps are powered by the onboard battery and incorporate bluetooth speakers.

The chassis has a hidden area for energy storage, sports a pocket with a drop-down menu to hold a small on-board computer or tablet. There nCycle bike it can also be folded, an unusual feature for one electric bicycle! Unlike the others ebike, nCycle was not designed by a company in the transport sector, nCycle was designed in a graphic studio that analyzed the characteristics necessary for transport and embodied them in a futuristic design.

Being a electric bicycle with exceptional performance, do not think you can buy it with little money! Indiscretions speak of a cost that would be around 4,000 dollars.

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