Photovoltaic Project of the Year

Photovoltaic Project of the Year

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On the occasion of the Power-Gen International 2012, was awarded the prestigious award of "Photovoltaic Project of the Year ". The award was won by a plant German, one of the largest in the world: it covers an area of ​​352 hectares. It was built in an area of ​​the former lignite mine east of the Meuro community, near Senftenberg, south of Brandenburg.

The photovoltaic park German has a capacity of 166 MW and has not stolen land fromagriculture: thanks to the use of the surface of the old mine, the installation photovoltaic has converted a brownfield industrial area into a solar farm capable of producing clean energy, while creating hundreds of jobs locally and generating green energy and renewable enough to meet the needs of approximately 67,500 households in the region.

The winner was announced during the awards gala of the Power Gen International of Orlando, Florida. The United States were able to see once again the solar power of European nations, primarily Italy and Germany.

The Brandenburg Solar Complex has beaten over 43 projects from around the world, vying in the same category. The finalists and winners were chosen by a team of eight industry experts renewable energies. 90 percent of the photovoltaic power installed on the Brandenburg solar farm bears the name of Canadian Solar which provided for the supply of photovoltaic modules for a total of 148 MW.

"We are honored that the Brandenburg plant has been recognized as the best solar project of the year to the world since POWER-GEN International 2012. This installation required a great collaboration that would not have been possible without our two partners: saferay and GP JOULE ", said Dr. Shawn Qu, Canadian Solar Chairman and CEO. “The success of the photovoltaic system demonstrates how it is faster to develop, build and profit with photovoltaic systems large-scale compared to other types of systems even in areas with low solar radiation ".

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