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District heating in Busto Arsizio

District heating in Busto Arsizio

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The transition from oil heating to the district heating (if there is a network of this type, of course) it leads to estimated savings of between 30 and 40 percent. Against a traditional gas heating, on the other hand, the benefits on the bill range between about 5 and 15 percent, because a lot depends on the condition of the system in use.

The advantages of the district heating in reality they do not stop at the bill, because replacing the traditional boiler with it heat exchanger there are no more charges to be paid by the user for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the system (in addition to the boiler, the flue and the ventilation openings), it is no longer necessary to fire prevention certificate and you spend less on insurance, having removed a cause of risk.

That's why a Busto Arsizio (IT GOES), where the construction of the fourth lot of the district heating network has just begun in these days, there are already 30 pre-contracts signed by private individuals with the company AGESP Energy who manages the service. The one under construction is a tranche of over 2 km that will bring the development of infrastructure in the city to 9 km.

To date the district heating it serves, in addition to the major public buildings in Busto Arsizio, more than 700 families, over 100 classrooms and municipal swimming pools; this allowed deactivate 70 flues and of save half a million liters of diesel.

With the construction of the district heating network, begun with the city power plant in 2009, the city of Busto Arsizio has made a major structural investment which today constitutes an added value for the community. The results are tangible in terms of less pollution and savings: 70 fewer flues and half a million liters of diesel fuel saved (so far).

Another advantage of the district heating and the greater security, because the use of gas is replaced by the supply of hot water, with the result of eliminating the risk of fires and the dangers of poisoning from fumes and bursts due to gas leaks.

One heat exchanger it is also more reliable than a traditional boiler, also because the exchangers are equipped with a remote control is tele-management which allows the manager, AGESP in the case of Busto Arsizio, to identify malfunctions in real time and to intervene.

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