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Changemakers for EXPO: 10 business ideas

Changemakers for EXPO: 10 business ideas

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Changemakers they are the creators of change: children between 20 and 30 who will tackle the problems of the economy and the environment (better than their parents) with a new vision of the world, certainly greener. It is dedicated to them Changemakers for Expo Milano 2015, business acceleration program promoted by Telecom Italia and Expo Milano 2015 with the same ambitious goal of the world exhibition: to improve the lives of millions of people.

The operational phase of Changemakers for Expo Milano 2015 officially began on Thursday 31 January with the presentation of the 10 selected teams who, from 1 March to 30 April, will have the opportunity to live (for free) in a Milanese technological campus to create each one an innovative, sustainable and high social impact startup environmental. In all 27 young people, average age 26, from all over Italy.

Purpose of Changemakers is to promote the development of10 business ideas able to make Milan and other cities in the world smarter, liveable, ecological, supportive and competitive. At the end of incubation laboratory edited by Make a Cube, the first incubator in Italy specialized in companies with high environmental, social and cultural value, the projects will be presented to investors and partners able to guarantee its realization.

The 10 projects of Changemakers deemed fit to become innovative startups they are the conclusion of a selection process that involvedover 1500 young people almost all under 30. A few more lines to summarize them.

Orange Fiber. Project based on nanotechnologies, involves the creation of clothes from citrus waste and whole citrus fruits that would be destined for pulping. The idea is of two women: Adriana Santanocito, designer, and Enrica Arena, communication professional. Stefania Cauzo, a graduate in business administration, and Manfredi Grimaldi, an expert in agri-food economics collaborate.

Knock’nswap. Platform for the exchange and sale of goods, skills and time that uses both a web application for managing online activities and dedicated physical spaces (knock corners) within commercial establishments in one's own city. The idea is by Francesco Corazza, Andrea Pollio and Lucia Rampanti, who met during the high-level training course of the High Polytechnic School that unites Milan and Turin.

Trail Me Up. a web service that allows virtual guided tours of places accessible only on foot, such as, for example, natural parks, deserts and forests. Ideastori: Fabio Zaffagnini, geologist; Gabriele Garavini, computer scientist; Erida Rembeci, psychologist and Francesca Sirri, undergraduate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Panpan - Ask Everywhere. social information platform that allows you to use Twitter to send geo-localized questions and identify users present in the area at that time who are likely to be able to provide the answers. Team: Antonino Famulari, Michele Spina and Walter Bellante.

Tooteko. Designed as an implementation of the Arduino open source platform, Tooteko applies an audio track to objects, making any surface clickable and interactive. The idea comes from Serena Ruffalo, architect, and Fabio D’Agnano, expert in three-dimensional modeling and rapid prototyping.

Bircle. A mobile and web application through which the physically disabled can purchase specific tourist guides for their needs. Idea by Andrea Landini and Marcello Coppa, communication experts.

Smart Ground. Digitizing agriculture to help millions of farmers better manage their agricultural production, fighting the waste of resources; thanks to sensors that, inserted into the ground, detect the progress of the harvest. Idea by Federico Marcantogni, born in 1984, engineer, with a team of four others under 30: Dario Nepoti, Davide Letizia, Matteo Brambilla and Gianluca Ciampalini.

5th Element Project. The first web platform, based on gestural interaction which, thanks to remote assistance, intends to develop an effective therapy for children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Creators: Matteo Valoriani, Antimo Musone, Daniele Midi and Antonio Vecchio, all under 30 and engineering graduates.

Recyproco. Social network that allows you to exchange objects, encourage reuse and calculate the environmental and social impact of sharing. Created by Stefano Mucciarella, Francesco Savignago and Enzo Martucci.

Brand Security (Bsy). The digital weapon against counterfeiting that allows you to verify the originality of an asset through a microchip equipped with NFC technology. It was born from the idea of ​​Francesco Di Genova and Andrea Pace, very young developers, undergraduates in computer engineering.

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