Haiti, solar hospitals arrive

Haiti, solar hospitals arrive

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Haiti, arrived on everyone's lips in 2010, following the earthquake which involved at least four million people with about 260 thousand victims. Today Haiti returns to ride the wave of chronicle and it does so with very positive news: Haiti will host 12 health facilities a solar power, the HUM project will be completed by March and the first will open its doors solar hospital of the Caribbean state.

Ensuring a constant energy supply in a hospital is a clear matter of life or death. In the Caribbean, the power grid is unreliable, so hospitals are forced to back-up with classic emergency generators. To overcome the problem of the unreliability of the electricity grid, hospitals will be built in Haiti that integrate solar power.

The first project is the one set up by Partners in Health (PIH) and the Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM). L'solar hospital it houses 1,800 on the roof solar panels. It will be operational by the end of March. The roof area is 200,000 square meters and is perfect for harvesting solar power. The HUM project was not without its problems: the instability of the electricity grid made it difficult to enter theclean energy in the network despite the use of new generation inverters.

Solar power, safe and economical
To integrate solar panels in hospital facilities it is not only a safe choice but it is also economically sustainable. With the 1800s solar panels, the hospital will be able to reduce annual operating costs by approximately $ 379,000 and cut the harmful emissions of 210 tons. The energy supply must be stable and constant but not all national electricity grids guarantee these basic standards. With the health facilities of Haiti, it is appropriate to say: thesolar power it can save our lives.

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