Waste, the energy treasure of transport

Waste, the energy treasure of transport

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The truth is only one: we humans are a real disaster forin nature. All our gestures, even the simplest ones, have strong repercussions onenvironment. We go out by car and travel kilometers with our small cars or worse, with our off-road vehicles, every evening we take our waste bag…. in short, every day we contribute to pollute the environment;

however, as the old proverb says "One person's waste can be another's treasure", so the company Bioroot Energy, based in Darby, Montana, has well thought of making gods waste the treasure of the company. L'Bioroot Energy aims to transform i biofuels into more sustainable and cheaper energy, precisely by exploiting the waste.

To produce biofuels come on solid and liquid waste, rather than from crops, could be a promising breakthrough for the future of heat-engine mobility. In this article we have already seen how, by means of a pyrolysis process, it is possible to produce fuel starting from plastic waste, today the companyBioroot Energy surprises us withEnvirolene, a cellulosic biofuel obtained from garbage.

To produce theEnvirolene, the company used garbage of all sorts, including shredded tires and refinery waste. What impact for the environment? In addition to eliminating the problem waste, L'envirolene it is 95 per cent cleaner than gasoline, it works with emissions close to zero. It is more efficient than the classics biofuels based on ethanol (from corn), in fact, theEnvirolene has 138 octane, 30 octane higher than biofuels corn based.

Bioroot Energy is focusing its attention on how to deal with the problem of waste. Conversion to biofuels it would be ideal. This is made possible by a process of clean gasification of solid and liquid waste.

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