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Urban gardens with integrated toilet

Urban gardens with integrated toilet

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Is called "When Nature Calls", literally "When Nature calls ", it is a public bathroom that he can carry green spaces in the city. Such as? The public bathroom integrates a planter and recycles urine to feed and fertilize the plants that grow right on the toilet. When Nature Calls, an element of Street furniture so particular that it is difficult to imagine it under the house.

Think of the big cities of Italy, Milan, Naples, Rome ... the problem with these cities is that they are carpeted with asphalt, buildings and various pavements. Streets can be decorated with flowerpots but most of them would end up being small waste bins. When Nature Callsit simply brings a bit of green to the urban centers playing a dual role: planter is urinal!

The father of the project is Eddie Gandelman. Its concept is certainly questionable. First of all, he is male chauvinist, because he only designed men's toilets. Second, it doesn't appear from the project drafts that the pods are covered enough to afford the right privacy. Which administration would like to bring greenery to the city with such a urinal?

However, the concept makes us think about one thing: our urine!
Urine contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These elements are found in the form of chemical compounds that can harm the plant but if appropriately "isolated ", can guarantee an excellent nutritional supply to the vegetation. For "filter"Urine, the concept of Eddie Gandelman, uses three filtration materials: coal, limestone and sand.

One could speculate to use Gondelman's toilet as Urban garden, but who is ready to harvest vegetables irrigated with urine? After all, in Mexico there are already those who use canine feces to power the wireless connection ...

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