Those who travel by bike are happier

Those who travel by bike are happier

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Who goes to work in bicycle is much happier than travelers in car! We at IdeeGreen have always suspected this, today it was confirmed by the research of Oliver Smith, a PhD student at the State University of Portand. Oliver Smith's study shows that he travels in bicycle and on foot, he is happier than those who travel alone, sitting in his car.

The ranking of well-being

  1. Those who travel by bike
  2. Who travels on foot
  3. Who uses public transport
  4. The lonely motorists

Oliver Smith interviewed 828 people and classified them according to theirs psycho-physical wellbeing; The interviewees all went to work on foot, by bicycle, by public transport or by private car. The result has seen a clear ranking, cyclists are in first place, in second place there are those who walk on foot, in third place there are those who move by public transport and ... in last place, there are lone drivers!

Oliver Smith's analysis concludes by stating that the mode of transport can increase or decrease the Welfare, this statement is true even when other factors such as the distances traveled and the income of the sample studied are taken into account. There traffic congestion has a strong impact on those traveling by bus and private car, which is why cyclists and walkers they are immune to it.

Perhaps Oliver Smith's conclusion will be true regardless of the distance and income received by the interviewee ... but what do we do with the weather? THE cyclists are they happy to ride even when it rains? In rainy cities like the Dutch capital, the main means of transport is the bicycle. In Amsterdam there is no wind or rain that can hold you because the bicycle it has become the backbone of Dutch culture. In Italy more and more cities are adapting to welcome cyclists, but how many of them will go to work on the pedals?!?

In the photo, a parking lot of bicycles in Amsterdam. Photo of Redjar

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