Vegetable garden on the terrace, zucchini

Vegetable garden on the terrace, zucchini

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The cultivation of courgettes whether on the terrace or in the open ground always gives a lot of satisfaction. Why not create a vegetable garden on the terrace to cultivate the zucchini? It's simple, just follow a few helpful tips.

Vegetable garden on the terrace, The vase
Zucchini love a soil that is well exposed to the sun, so make sure the pots are placed in a well-sunny and airy area.
To cultivate the courgette on the terrace the pot must be at least 35 cm wide and 20 cm deep with some holes in the bottom to prevent water from stagnating. You will not be able to grow more than one seedling per pot.
If you prefer to cultivate the zucchini creepers, such as the Trombetta di Albenga, you will need to put two for each pot (at least 45 cm wide), but making sure to insert a back or trellis.
In 40/60 days the seedling of courgette it will begin to produce the first fruits and will continue for at least 2 months, after which you will have to change plant as the plant of courgette it runs out and produces less.

Vegetable garden on the terrace, the sowing of courgettes
Zucchini seeds can be planted from mid-April to June. Just put two or three seeds per hole with the tip facing upwards.
If you prefer to plant the seedlings directly, you can pot them on your terrace in mid-July.

Vegetable garden on the terrace, fertilization
The zucchini they love fertile soil so you will have to follow some rules before sowing:

  • enrich the soil with organic matter
  • do not replant zucchini in the same soil for three to four years

Vegetable garden on the terrace, irrigation
Don't forget to water the seedlings every night but no water on the plants, just the soil.
If the terrace floor is too hot, raise the pots by placing a few sticks underneath.

Vegetable garden on the terrace, parasites
Among the animal parasites that are enemies of plants zucchini there are aphids that cause the leaves to wilt.
But the biggest enemy is powdery mildew, a fungus that likes stagnant humidity. It is a disease that affects the green parts, staining them with white. Later they turn yellow and fall off.

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