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EOS was born in a Green neighborhood

EOS was born in a Green neighborhood

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The business card of EOS - Exposithion of Sustainability, the salon dedicated to eco-sustainability scheduled from 17 to 19 May in Udine, and the Udine exhibition center, surrounded by greenery, an example of the green naturally declined in urban planning and architecture.

Surrounded by the Cormor Park, just 10 km from the city center, the Udine exhibition center occupies the structures of a former cotton mill at the end of the 19th century renovated, enhanced and enhanced in the exhibition area by recent and modern interventions that have equipped it with 9 pavilions, a well-equipped congress center and a large green area intended to host events of various kinds.

In May 2012, a small hydroelectric power plant for the production of clean energy, to restore the ancient water halo that once, and until 1978, served as the driving force of the cotton mill. The plant is dedicated to Eng. Eugenio Mariutti, the one who had the idea of ​​making the most of the resource of water.

Today the energy produced by the jump of the waters of Ledra channel is a concrete example of recovery and production of electricity from renewable sources. Not only that: the recovery of the affected area and the replacement / reactivation of the plant are part of a broader project to enhance the landscape-environmental context in which the exhibition center is inserted and active.

There hydroelectric power plant Eugenio Mariutti it has been in operation since January 23, 2012, after all the tests and trials envisaged, and it cost a total of 2 million euros. With a power of 370 kilowatts, the plant works by exploiting a water jump of 5.14 meters with an average flow rate of 6.30 cubic meters of water per second. The expected annual energy production is around 2 million kilowatt hours.

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