Electric Kangoo for the canteens of Naples

Electric Kangoo for the canteens of Naples

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Meals in Naples schools will come up electric vehicles with zero emissions. An important step towards e-mobility that fights pollution where it can, such as in short-range urban journeys. By now there are no more justifications for those who, starting with the PA, still do not adopt solutions of eco-friendly mobility for service transport.

The society EP of Naples, specialized in collective catering, which has contracted the school canteen service of the city's schools, will equip itself with 30 electric vehicles over the next three years Renault Kangoo ZE zero emissions, 18 of which will be on the road as of May 2013.

The fleet of electric vehicles will allow EP to deliver meals to schools in Naples without polluting and at very low transport costs. In fact, the vehicles will be able to fill up with a few cents at the charging stations EVlink from Schneider Electric provided by your partner Majorano Spa, alongside Renault in the agreement signed with EP.

The first 18 Kangoo ZEs in service from May will allow the delivery of ben 5,600 meals a day, at 72 schools of Municipalities 1 and 9 of the Municipality of Naples, with a saving of Polluting emissions equal to 46 quintals of CO.

These Renault electric vehicles mount batteries of about 15-20kWh that the 3k EVlink residential stations by Schneider Electric allow you to recharge in about 6-8 hours, in maximum safety for users and vehicles. An electronic controller checks the safety conditions during the charging phases, equipped with a LED interface that allows you to manage and monitor the charging itself.

The 'deferred charging' function that the EVlink residential terminals are equipped with, in combination with a time switch or a load disconnection system, avoids the intervention of the distributor limiter during absorption peaks of the electrical system: a smart energy management system.

Video: Explaining the auxiliary diesel heater option on a Renault Kangoo ZE electric van (July 2022).


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