Photovoltaic shelters for Bus Stop

Photovoltaic shelters for Bus Stop

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Italy is the country of the sun. The TV commercial for tourism in the Italian peninsula also says so ... The sun is out, but unfortunately there is a lack of investments for the preparation of innovative systems and street furniture that can take advantage of theenergy of the sun.

Texas and California do not have these problems, in fact in Texas charging stations have been installed for electric vehicles that exploit solar power. In California, in the Perris administration, they started a project of considerable importance: smart bus stops that behave like miniature power plants.

Bus stops like this have already been set up in Japan. L'innovation has arrived, the revolution of smart city, in many cities around the globe, is already in place!

The Bus stops stand out for their photovoltaic shelter. The capacity of the modules photovoltaic places on the shelter will be 1.2 kilowatts. Considering that the entire bus line has several stops, the energy will be used to power the traffic light network.

The project has already started and should be completed by the end of March 2013. The cost for each bus stop is about $ 17,000 but not bad: the cost to set up a traditional bus stop varies between $ 7,000 and $ 17,000. While the cost difference may be negligible, i advantages brought by bus stops innovative, they can be more than tangible: the solar shelters are able to generate about 25 percent of the electricity required by traffic lights. Thanks to a series of batteries, the sun will be able to supply electricity to traffic lights even at night.

With this investment, the city will be able to save not hundreds, but thousands of dollars in costs electric energy both for powering the traffic lights and for the lighting of the bus stops themselves. It is the sun that pays for electricity.

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