Bicycles in exchange for Guns

Bicycles in exchange for Guns

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The bicycles are increasingly protagonists of the issues of legality. We saw him in a Brazilian prison where inmates, to shorten their sentences, have the possibility of ride a bicycle to produce clean energy. Today we see it in Uruguay, here, the government offers one bicycle brand new for each weapon delivered.

The new Uruguayan administration is thinking and acting outside the box. The Uruguayan government's approach to leadership is achieving various results, the latest achievement comes with an unusual initiative, an eccentric effort to reduce the number of firearms in a circle. The government offers citizens a shiny new bicycle, in exchange for the delivery of unregistered guns and rifles.

The campaign was symbolically called "Weapons for Life ", the initiative was launched this week following the rise in the number of murders and the spread of illegal firearms. When it comes to firearms, theUruguay is in the top ten of the ranking with the highest number of weapons per capita in the world. More than a million Weapons distributed among 3,300,000 inhabitants. Half of these weapons are unregistered.

In the United States and Australia, campaigns for the decrease of Weapons in circulation, are limited to a cash payment. Weapons for Life proposes a more creative approach that aims to improve society. Instead of offering cash, citizens can receive one bicycle or a computer.

The program has all the potential to reduce the number of Weapons in circulation and consequently, the crime. At the same time it can improve the lives of those who renounce the possession of aillegal weapon.

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