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Butaro, the sustainable hospital

Butaro, the sustainable hospital

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In the African state of Rwanda, a hospital has been created that provides treatment for 21,000 patients. The hospital is located in Burera District, is called Butaro Hospital and will bring new life to a region ravaged by numerous genocides and devastated by guerrillas. The Burera district represents a big step forward for the entire country, especially when it comes to health services and of green building.

Using natural materials and local workforce, the hospital applies control methods to limit the spread of infectious diseases and offers health services of all kinds. With its 150 beds, the Butaro hospital stands as a model structure for all Developing countries.

The Butaro Hospital was made by architects Michael Murphy and Alan Ricks del MASS Design Group, thanks to the intervention of the Harvard Medical School, the non-profit humanitarian organization Partners in Health (based in Boston) and the intervention of various voluntary groups and the Rwandan government.

The hospital is equipped with an emergency room, an intensive care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit, an eye clinic, a gynecology unit, a clinic for respiratory tract diseases and offers pediatric services, surgery, internal medicine and there is no lack of maternity ward. All this in a structure with a modern design and sustainable.

The hospital opened its doors in January 2011 and since then, the area has experienced a drastic decline in infant mortality. The project was designed to prevent the transmission of diseases and improve the distribution of care.

The Butaro Hospital it is a far cry from the hospitals we are used to seeing in our cities. From the outward appearance, more than a hospital it would seem a farmhouse, immersed in the remote lands of the Burera district. It stands on a hill, on the site of a disused military outpost. There is no shortage of manicured gardens, open courtyards and paths that lead to the analysis laboratories.

The walls were built with natural stone, the large windows ensure maximum lighting, in fact the main light source of the hospital is precisely the natural one. The architects made sure that each bed of the Butaro Hospital overlooking the green of the surrounding hills.

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