Magnetic bottle for cyclists

Magnetic bottle for cyclists

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All cyclists get thirsty between one ride and the next; the vast majority of bicycles, in the lower part of the frame, it incorporates a housing for water bottles.

However, taking a water bottle is not that simple; we stand there pedaling and look awkwardly between our legs trying to figure out a way to get down and grab the bottle of water... maybe by stretching our arm we also risk unbalancing! The bottle of water, positioned in that place, forces many cyclists to stop the march in order to drink and this can be really nerve-wracking!

Anthony Goldman got it right and designed something much more practical. This is the Koala water bottle, it has a magnetic ring which can be anchored in any position of the frame, from the handlebar to the top tube, anywhere!

The name was not chosen at random, just like i Koala hold on to the trunks, so the bottle anchors to the bicycle! There water bottle it incorporates a metal band and a special ring housing. The housing can be mounted anywhere, in any region of the bicycle, so as to facilitate the cyclist's hydration! Thanks to magnets there water bottle can be picked up and stored with a "click", without ever having to take your eyes off the road.

The system calls "KoalaBottle“, The Koala water bottle it can be purchased on the manufacturer's website. The price of the KoalaBottle varies by size. The 21-ounce version - 621ml - costs $ 27, while the 24-ounce version, 710ml, costs $ 29. The purchase of the water bottle must be accompanied by the rings that can be bought in pairs for a cost of 8 dollars; again, the magnetic housing "magnetic cage " can be purchased for a price of $ 23.

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