Rail Bike in Irpinia? Why not?

Rail Bike in Irpinia? Why not?

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Greenway or Railway: which side are you on? Traditional cycle path for traditional bicycles or Rail Bike, literally bike on rails? The question is very timely and the answer (not only yours) depends on the fate of several million public money destined (for now) to transform the rails of the Irpinia Avellino-Rocchetta railway, abandoned by convoys in 2010 but still viable.

The making of the Greenway bike path, as foreseen by the project of the Provincial Territorial Coordination Plan, would involve a hypothetical expenditure between 11 million euros (as the experts of the Federico II University of Naples claim) and 50 million euros (as claimed by the associations that fight for the conservation of the railway).

The making of a Railway it would cost a lot less. Especially since it would not be necessary to cover-bury the tracks, which would remain as they are after a simple maintenance intervention. The works necessary for the safety and usability of the route would have a cost, of course, but not remotely comparable to that of a greenway.

Undoubtedly, the result would also be different. A Greenway could be traveled by everyone with their own bicycle, for a Railway there would be some more difficulties. Although there is no shortage of experiences and virtuous examples both in Europe and overseas, where the Rail Bike is staged during events dedicated to extreme sports.

Actually in the Rail Bike There is nothing extreme because it is a safe system that allows the bicycle to stay in perfect balance on the rails thanks to the brackets that support the bike on one of the two tracks and securely hook it to the other. Even the pedaling is not of extreme fatigue since you usually go on the flat.

Paths of Railway for the Rail Bike they already exist in Germany and also in France, where the term was nationalized in Velò Rail. They were used to transform sections of abandoned railway into cycle-tourist routes (also in tandem) that can also be used for light transport of goods. Abandoned wagons have been transformed into refreshment points.

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