Solar garden lamps

Solar garden lamps

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Furnish the garden it is by no means an easy task. The first difficulty we encounter comes from the material to be used, each object must be extremely resistant to rain, wind and bad weather. The garden could be furnished in a very functional way, choosing each component based on the role they will have to play… a crucial function is that of street lamps.

If you are setting up a new garden, you can save money on the home electricity grid and bet on solar street lights. Who already has a garden and he is not satisfied with the lighting, he is spoiled for choice, the solutions offered by the market are many.


Come on garden gnomes with solar lamp to street lamps real, with an elegant and sober appearance. An example is solar lighting Cayenne, a pack of ten solar energy lamps is offered at 34.95 euros. Every solar powered lamp it is made of stainless steel, in the evening they turn on automatically and no electrical cables are required. For installation, simply fix them in the ground. These solar lamps create a soft atmosphere, they are only 25 centimeters high.

Another one solar powered lamp presents is equipped with motion sensors, incorporates photovoltaic panels and creates a romantic atmosphere: the street lamp is placed on a trunk-shaped structure with the reproduction of two chirping great tit. The lamp in question costs about 13 euros and the motion sensor is not used for lighting but for reception: when someone approaches, a cheerful chirping of the great tits will be triggered. Exist solar lamps more classic, a set consisting of four Retro solar lamps costs 27.95 euros and are perfect for the garden and terrace.


On the market there are solutions forgarden lighting even more original. Rock-shaped lamps are perfect for hugging a path. Maybe they could be placed at the entrance and accompany the guest to the tables of the garden. The price for each rock is around 20 euros. Other solutions are available in the photo gallery.

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