Water Day by bike on Ticino

Water Day by bike on Ticino

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Ticino is the last Italian habitat of the Otter, it could happen to see it

There World Water Day, on the calendar Sunday 24 March, it will be an opportunity for one spring bike ride along one of the sections of The Via dei Cairoli, the naturalistic area (more properly a 'territorial program') identified in Ticino Park, just 30 km from Milan.

Route of the spring bike ride will be the variant ofRing of Forests and Castles, one of the 5 created along the Via dei Cairoli. The event is organized byPRO NATURA Association for Man and Territory, which conceived and promotes the cultural enhancement program.

The path of the spring bike ride laps the Blue River - the last refuge in the Po Valley of the Otter, queen of rivers and extraordinary indicator of the state of health of the river environment - in Natural Park of the Ticino Valley.

Those who wish among the participants can stop and taste traditional local dishes at theAgriturismo Sant’Andrea by Gropello Cairoli, at the Trattoria Da Pasquale of the Parasacco hamlet of Zerbolò or, again, at the numerous farmhouses, restaurants and trattorias present along La Via dei Cairoli.

The organizers of the PRO NATURA Man and Territory Association recall that participation in the event includes the payment of a free donation and reservations required (look down).

The organizers also point out that all donations and contributions collected as part of the events and activities managed by the Association for Man and the Territory PRO NATURA are intended for local nature conservation projects and of environmental education conducted by the Association.

The appointment is for 9.45 am of Sunday 24 March, at parking of the municipal sports field of Gropello Cairoli (PV), where the return is also expected around 13.

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