EU, on the way to 100% clean energy

EU, on the way to 100% clean energy

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By 2050, theEurope should achieve an energy system based entirely on renewable. The final destination is distant, the journey is long and there are several stages along the way. The short-term goals foresee a small turning point by 2020 and a more decisive one by 2030. It is at this juncture that the WWF has drawn up a new report entitled 'Putting the EU on Track for 100% Renewable Energy " , "Putting the EU on the road for 100% renewable energies

These days the European Commission is discussing the plans on climate and energy for after 2020. The focus highlighted by the WWF report focuses on interventions that could lead to the EU a savings 573 billion euros for the import of fossil fuels. By 2030, the EU could reduce its energy use by more than a third and generate nearly half of the remaining energy from renewables, the economic savings will be accompanied by a clean cut of harmful emissions, reduced by 50 percent.

The post-2020 climate and energy strategies will play a crucial role. According to WWF analyzes, by 2030, the European Union could:
• use at least 38% less energy than business as usual forecasts,
• generate over 40% of its energy from renewable sources,
• by doing both it could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector by 50% compared to 1990 levels.

In a strong context economic crisis, the green economy with the first line renewable and theenergy efficiency, is the real great hope. The fight to climate change can revive the economy with the ever-increasing creation of new jobs. This is supported by 8 out of 10 Europeans.

The climate change it is seen as the second most devastating problem in the world, only after the problem of poverty and hunger in the world. To create new jobs, come out of the crisis and resolve the issue climate, 70% of Europeans believe that investments in renewable energies should be the priority for the next 30 years, compared to energy sources such as shale gas, shale gas, nuclear and carbon capture and storage.

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