Wind power

Hepburn, the first self-managed wind community

Hepburn, the first self-managed wind community

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Renewable energies are the foundation of Sustainable Development: they respect the environment, do not pollute, allow long-term energy production, safeguard the future of new generations, do not alter ecosystems. A world entirely powered by clean energy? Maybe the whole world is not ready yet, but small communities are moving to make this possible. A winning and sustainable community model is the Hepburn Cooperative, Australia's first self-managed wind community. The 1959 members who make up the wind farm were awarded this year in Bonn with theworld wind energy award 2012.


In 2005, members of this community in the countryside of Leonards Hills, near Daylesfrod, northwest of Melbourne, organized themselves to live and work sustainably thanks to two huge giant blades generating 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity. . L'power produced feeds 2,300 home and the excess is sold.

In the palmares the Hepburn community also boasts the Climate Alliance Innovator Award 2010, the Victorian Premier's Sustainability Award 2011, on Banksia Environment Award 2011 and the Ethical Investor Australian Sustainability Award 2011. There were many difficulties in building the wind community. The other inhabitants of the area were opposed to the project due to the impact on the landscape and thepollution acoustic that would have resulted. To build the wind community members contributed a total of $ 9.7 million, while about $ 2 million came from the government and another 3, in the form of a loan, from bendigo bank.


Today the wind community it is the emblem able to explain to others the usefulness of this technology. The cooperative Hepburn Wind manages the wind farm, divides revenues between members and finances community projects with a sustainability fund. Unlike a company, we work for the benefit of the shareholders, rather than to maximize the profits of the investors. The structure is democratic, each head is a vote, regardless of the participation shares. Starting from Hepburn's example, 40 more have been born in Australia today wind communities.

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