The futuristic bike-sharing in Copenhagen

The futuristic bike-sharing in Copenhagen

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The bike sharing is among the tools of sustainable mobility whose advantages and benefits are many: using the bicycle in urban travel is good for the city, it does not produce pollution, it reduces traffic pressure but not only! Cycling is good for your health.

On this theme, here is a concept developed by the Swiss designer Rafael Schmidt that can revolutionize the entire system of bike sharing. A project eco friendly futuristic that integrates the bicycle in the urban fabric of the city. It is no coincidence that the racks are incorporated into the pavement precisely to limit something visual pollution.

But are we talking about?
It is a system of bike sharing for the city of Copenhagen, which will allow you to arrange the bicycles inside recesses positioned under the road surface or even vertically on the walls of public buildings. The bike they are equipped with a GPS system and connected to each other in a Lan, in order to inform the cyclist about free racks, traffic jams, etc. This GPS system will also serve to avoid theft and loss and to ensure the right number of vehicles in the various locations scattered around the city, to always satisfy the needs of citizens.

The aim is to replace the traditional system with this futuristic model by 2015, guaranteeing the community 25,000 new ones bicycles. You will need the right space along the roads so that you can build the recesses where to place the bicycles and in this regard, a series of strategic points in the city are being identified, such as bus stops, areas adjacent to railway stations and so on.

Every bicycle it will have an electric motor and a 26V battery to guarantee a mileage of 15 km. The aluminum structure will contain the important GPS instrumentation while the lights will be strictly LED. In order to use the service of bike sharing you will need to have a credit card. The reservation of the bicycle it can also be done via the internet.
In case of theft or damage or if the bicycle will be used for more than 30 minutes, the corresponding figures will be charged to the card.

It doesn't seem like an interesting model that could inspire the development of one echo mobility to be encouraged?

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