Porta di Luce, the photovoltaic door

Porta di Luce, the photovoltaic door

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Is called Door of Light and it is the first door photovoltaic for interiors that copies the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis. There Photovoltaic door is the synthesis of the life experience of a Venetian craftsman.

A photovoltaic door powered by DSC, that is with colored glasses that transform diffused light into energy. Technology photovoltaic realizes a kind of artificial photosynthesis and in particular, the SDC follows the same behavior as a plant organism: just as all the leaves of a plant feed on light regardless of their position on a tree or their orientation.

The company that built the photovoltaic door powered by DSC, is the Tondin, the owner, Luca Tondin is a Venetian craftsman who has bet on the combination art and technology. The Door of Light was the protagonist of the Technological Aperitif organized by Energitism at the Vicenza Fair. Claudia Bettiol talked about the Energitismo Manifesto, a philosophy that pushes artists and companies to come together to create products "Elegant and sustainable”That can enrich villas and palaces all over the world.

Door of Light it was created thanks to the work of Italian and Korean scientists. Leverage the technology of Photovoltaic cells third generation. The energy collected by the door can be used to power the night lighting or to meet the electrical needs of other components. Door of Light it is the perfect business card for the creation of entrances for prestigious homes or offices.

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