The most eco-friendly bike in the world costs $ 9

The most eco-friendly bike in the world costs $ 9

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A bicycle made in recycled cardboard? Izhar Gafni, a 50-year-old Israeli entrepreneur, succeeded in designing it. After having developed a project for almost four years to eliminate the structural weaknesses of corrugated cardboard, the entrepreneur managed to give great resistance to the material which, apparently, is even more resistant than the carbon with which modern racing bicycles.

The only problem was finding a way to fold the cardboard in the right way, in different directions and in the end he succeeded. Excluding the wheels that are in recycled rubber and the chain is nothing more than an old car timing belt, the bike it is entirely made of recycled cardboard. To make it impermeable to water, the corrugated cardboard was covered with a special biological resin whose components are top secret, ensuring resistance even on rainy days. In fact, according to the words of Gafni himself cardboard bicycle "It is strong, it has a long life span", despite what one might think given the material it is made of. The cost of making the bicycle ranges from 9 to 12 dollars, which can increase in relation to any accessories that you want to add.

But the benefits don't end! It is easily disassembled and given its lightness you can take it anywhere, avoiding even an attempted theft.
For lazy people there is also the possibility of adding a removable motor to make it electric with an increased cost of 60 dollars. There is no doubt about the resistance it can carry up to a load of 140 kg.

It has nothing to envy with traditional bikes and thanks to all its features it could really be the eco-sustainable vehicle of the future. But not only! This bike innovative represents a valid help to the poorest populations who will thus be able to have a means of transport at very low prices. There cardboard bicycle will be produced in series and will officially enter the market from September 2013.

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