Solar energy for air transport

Solar energy for air transport

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L'solar power could replace i fossil fuels to power the means of Russian civil aviation. Russia is moving substantial capital to finance this kind of research. The economic interests that move around the green economy they are always greater; fuel prices continue to rise… what will become of the aeronautical industries of the globe? The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade (Minpromtorg) is trying to answer this question by launching research to identify possible alternative fuels for civil aviation vehicles.

Among the possible alternative fuels figure theresolar power. The research was funded with approximately 16 million euros. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade recently declared that research is a necessity for the aviation industry. Russia's national airline is increasing its routes and therefore has high fuel requirements. The Minpromtorg states that reduce the consumption of fossil fuels of the aeronautical sector would bring, in addition to substantial economic benefits, also environmental benefits, including an immediate reduction in harmful emissions.

With approximately 16 million euros, Minpromtorg will select successful companies through a call for tenders and will commission research for the development of an alternative power source that can exploitsolar power. The call for tenders will close this March and the results of the program must be submitted by 2015.

In Russia, this started by Minpromtorg is already the second project that aims to use thesolar power as a power source for aircraft. A similar project was started by the Russian Ministry of Defense and studied the application ofsolar power to power the light aircraft, however, due to unsatisfactory results, the research project initiated by the Ministry of Defense was stopped in 2010. Today Russia intends to try again.

The aviation industry is a big problem. What will happen to this sector when fossil fuel prices become even more prohibitive? Tickets for civil flights cannot increase in cost. This is why we need to find alternative sources of power.

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