Mary Poppins travels with Italo

Mary Poppins travels with Italo

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Couldn't miss out on Italo of Ntv an escort service for children, Italo Junior, for use when parents cannot be with you during the trip. Holidays with grandparents, mum and dad to reach on business trips, stays with friends and relatives, emergencies ... whatever the reason, Mary Poppins travels by train for the serenity of children who cannot be accompanied by their parents.

From March 15 on Ntv trains departs Italo Junior: parents who need to let their children travel alone can rely on the safety and assistance of Ntv staff. Rest assured that a person will supervise them until the agreed delivery to the authorized person at the arrival station.

There Mary Poppins by Italo Junior does not promise magic but a discreet vigilance, made pleasant and fun by a kit of games. Italo's children will travel on the Club carriage, with the presence of a hostess or steward who can provide assistance and control.

The minor will carry a identification badge, containing the travel documents. Upon arrival at the station, the NTV staff will then entrust the child to the person previously indicated by the parent. To entertain children there are games, coloring books and a souvenir keychain, in addition to the recognition kit Italo Junior with a hare-shaped pin.

Service Italo Junior is aimed at minorsfrom 7 to 13 years on trains departing after 8am and arriving by 8pm. It will go on sale starting March 15 only through Pronto Italo contact center, up to 7 days before the scheduled departure date.

How much does Italo Junior cost? Ntv has fixed the cost of the service by combining two elements: the ticket price, which is always recognized for young guests a 25% saving on the Basic offer and 50% on the Economy, and the accompanying service that varies depending on the length of the journey: 30 euros for the single-leg (example, Rome-Naples) and 60 euros for the other connections (example, Milan-Rome). In this way a Milan-Rome with Economy offer will cost a total of 119 euros and a Rome-Naples 60 euros.

Pronto Italo Contact Center: 06.07.08

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