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Managing a chicken coop

Managing a chicken coop

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Are you going to produce quality eggs and meats on your own to eat with family or friends?
Sure, manage a chicken coop is a solution to ensure a healthy lifestyle and to never miss the freshness of the simplest and most traditional foods on the table. Here are some helpful tips for manage a chicken coop.

Managing a chicken coop, main features
For properly manage a chicken coop it is important to safeguard the welfare of animals starting with the structures in which they are housed. THE chicken coops they can be of all shapes and sizes but they are expensive, much better to build it ourselves with boards and recycled materials.
The important thing is that the dimensions of the chosen place respect the needs of these animals: it takes about 1/3 of a square meter per chicken in an enclosed space and of about half a square meter for chicken outdoors. Other features to be respected are:

  • the right insulation of the space in all seasons of the year, (interchangeably protecting from heat and cold) and the right sun exposure: a fundamental feature for obtaining excellent eggs
  • the floor must be dry: in this case you could throw hay or straw on the ground together with sawdust
  • the walls need to be disinfected: dry white lime is fine
  • prepare mangers where to store the food, drinking troughs for chickens: they are sold on the market.
  • prepare an area in a corner of the chicken coop where our poultry will go to sleep or stop: if there are females within the group, some nests should be built, (fruit boxes full of straw or hay can also be used)
  • make sure ithe chicken coop is predator-proof
  • vaccinate all animals born on the farm

Managing a chicken coop, the advantages
There management of a chicken coop provides major advantages:

  • economic savings guaranteed by a daily and constant production of always fresh eggs
  • the freshness of a natural product produced without chemicals
  • decrease in the massive exploitation for the production of eggs and meat
  • possibility of naturally fertilizing the soil in which the hens roam daily

Managing a chicken coop, ecological advantage
In addition to the quality of the highly organic food produced, i chickens they prove to be an excellent ecological remedy for managing the natural disposal of organic waste. Since a hen can eat about 20 kilos of organic waste per year, we could naturally dispose of the leftovers from the house.

Managing a chicken coop, psychological advantage
According to recent studies it has been found that i chickens they are extraordinary animals to successfully fight the fight against stress. The pleasure and satisfaction that is obtained in constant breeding has strong influences on mood and consequently the body responds with a greater production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter with a decidedly relaxing and antidepressant effect.

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