Solar car cover

Solar car cover

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I don't know how useful one can be cover of this type. It is certainly much better than plastic awnings or brick and concrete garages. Is called V-Tent, literally "Tent V ", is the creation of industrial designer Hakan Gürsu.

The V-Tent is a flexible and foldable cover, take advantage of photovoltaic modules of the latest generation and is intended to protect the car from the wind, sun, bad weather and perhaps, even from bad guys who want to steal it.
Ah… I almost forget the main purpose: the V-Tent turns sunlight into electric energy used for the night lighting of the block and to power the charging column for electric vehicles.

It seems to be a real one solar car cover, protects parked cars and converts sunlight into electricity. How useful could a car cover of this type?
THE solar panels they can be used in a more economical and certainly more practical way. The photovoltaic roofs are very common, it is not uncommon to come across photovoltaic roofs set up on car parks or on the home garage. This concept appears to be mere speculation.

If it ever should be commercialized, it will surely be welcomed by the market as a fun, interesting or even artistic accessory… but certainly not as useful, practical, functional and convenient. There are no detailed explanations attached, certainly the Industrial Designer wanted to emphasize the thousand uses and applications possible with flexible photovoltaic technology.

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