Electric buses on the roads of Germany

Electric buses on the roads of Germany

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In the sector of electric vehicles a new innovation begins to spread. This is the wireless charging and ... while Italy is watching, Germany is taking new steps towards the future.

Just cross the Italian border to understand that the electric cars they are a well-established reality. In France there is no shortage of car-sharing services for EV, in the Netherlands they are frequent charging columns and in Germanyelectric car it is now normal. Estonia has inaugurated a network of fast charging stations (one every 60 kilometers!), in Norway the entire national mobility will soon be converted into electric and overseas the EV they are recharged using solar power.

Progress is not limited to this. In Germany, a project known as the Primove Mannheim, involves the use of electric buses which are recharged during normal travel by a system wireless. In short, while passengers get on and off thebus, near the stops, the bus recharges its batteries with an enviable efficiency.

The bus they are manufactured by a Swiss company, Carosserie HESS AG, which is also testing the same technology on vans. The company, for the production of its vehicles, takes advantage of the transfer induction of power electric. THE electric buses will circulate in the city of Mannheim, Germany.

The project was financed by the German government with a total of 3.3 million euros. The goal is to make Germany the country leader of e-mobility. There electric mobility offers countless advantages and Germany has every intention of making the most of it, especially when it comes to public transport.

This is how Germany intends to experiment with those technologies aimed at providing a urban public transport innovative and sustainable. Like Primove Mannheim, there are numerous pilot projects active on the German territory. Today's tests are the future of tomorrow and, as German tests translate into concrete realities, in Germany, the future is today.



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