Polaris electric bikes

Polaris electric bikes

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Since March 2013, the electric bikes will see a new player on the pitch, let's talk about the Polaris, a car manufacturer specializing in the production of off-road vehicles. There Polaris has started a collaboration with theEVantage, manufacturer of electric motors for eBike, together, the companies will launch a new line of electric bikes, available on the market from the spring of this year.

All the electric bikes of the line Polaris, are equipped with a gearbox with 8 speeds. It is about mountain biking equipped with electric motor and battery. According to forecasts, the Polaris electric bikes will give the competition a lot of trouble, both for design and for ease of use thanks to the use of different technologies.

Cyclists will be able to take advantage of the assisted pedaling, they will be able to use the bicycle in the traditional way or, let themselves be towed by the electric motor. The pedal assistance uses Biosync technology, so as to make the driving experience as natural as possible. The ebike Polaris DuoDrive, feature an electric motor that allows additional driving modes that allow the cyclist to travel, without the slightest effort, both flat paths and sloping areas (climbs, hills…).

Land Polaris electric bikes they have a range of 50 kilometers in assisted pedaling, the range is reduced to 10 kilometers if the cyclist uses only the dedicated electric drive. L'ebike Polaris has a top speed of 20 mph (about 33 km / h). The battery is portable and can be easily removed. The complete recharge of the battery takes place in 4-6 hours using the classic household electrical socket.

There is also a system for recovering energy from braking. The electric bikes they have a LED indicator light that indicates the battery charge status. The bikes are equipped with a small on-board computer that provides all useful information such as distance traveled, speed and also information relating to any CO2 emissions produced by the electric bicycle.

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