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That irresistible desire for a vegetable garden at home

That irresistible desire for a vegetable garden at home

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They are between 30 and 40 years old and are mostly newbies in horticulture. However, they remember with pleasure parents and grandparents dealing with salads and tomatoes in thevegetable garden in the house and would like to relive those moments of bucolic serenity; not only to have fresh vegetables on the table, but also to pass on a contact with nature that today's children ignore.

Here is the outline of the identikit of those who enroll in the course Vegetable garden in the house organized for its employees by the company Whirlpool, a global manufacturer of household appliances, in the Italian headquarters in Comerio (VA). This is the second edition of the company initiative after the first, at the end of last winter, recorded a real boom in membership.

“In 2012 the course Vegetable garden in the house met with a lot of interest among the participants - he claims Giacomo Brusa, owner of the company L'Agricola del Lago, teacher for the occasion -; almost all the members approached for the first time the cultivation of the vegetable garden in the home garden, but there were those who wanted tips on how to keep a few plants on the balcony. Certainly not to make an income, but for the satisfaction of producing something by oneself and teaching it to children ”.

To convince Whirpool to repeat the course Vegetable garden in the house it was the success of the first edition, certainly a sign of the times. "The Orto in casa course, which is part of the Health Works program for the health and well-being of employees, had a response among colleagues that speaks volumes about the need to re-connect that relationship with the earth that is in everyone's personal memory - he said Giuseppe Geneletti of Whirlpool and shows that in an era characterized by the virtual dimension, frenzy and stress, getting your hands dirty with soil in the garden improves the quality of life, especially if it becomes a family experience ".

For completeness of information, the course Vegetable garden in the house 2013 edition begins on Thursday 7 March and is divided into four lessons:

  • soil preparation, fertilization and cultivation practices to be applied to the garden (green manure mulch) - 7 March.
  • sowing, cultivation and treatments for solanaceae and cucurbits (tomato, eggplant, pepper, zucchini, cucumbers) - 14 March.
  • leafy vegetables (salad, chard, spinach) - 21 March.
  • brassicas and summer plants (cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, cabbage, fennel, radishes, carrots, potatoes) - 28 March.

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