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The best job in the world

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Earn 80 thousand euros living for six months in holiday. Gorgeous right? This is not a lottery but a contest launched by Tourism Australia. Is called Best Job in the World, the competition it was launched for the first time in 2009 and returns today with a noteworthy edition. The successful candidate will be remunerated with one salary of 100 thousand Australian dollars, equivalent to about 80 thousand of our European currency;

a paycheck of over 13,000 euros a month wouldn't be bad right? Especially if the job positions are incredibly attractive! There are six open positions for the following professional figures:

  1. a natural park guardian
  2. a keeper of an island inhabited by kangaroos
  3. an explorer of the Outback, the most remote and semi-desert locations on the Australian continent
  4. a photographer able to immortalize the streets of Melbourne
  5. a master of taste
  6. an entertainment specialist

Who wouldn't want to have a work experience of this kind?
To apply, just sign up on the Facebook page "Australian Working Holiday". The organizers' goal is to promote Australian natural beauties, so as to attract visitors and attract immigrants through the Working Holiday Maker.


The 2009 edition featured a 34-year-old British citizen. Ben Southall, a native of Petersfield, managed to win the competition to work as guardian of an Australian tropical island. His work lasted for six months, Ben Southall managed to get the better of the other 35 thousand competitors from all over the world. For this edition of the "Best job in the world " even more subscribers are expected.

After all, which photographer does not want to immortalize the streets of Melbourne and which qualified nature lover does not want to live for six months on an island full of kangaroos ?!


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