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Holland, inaugurated the glass building

Holland, inaugurated the glass building

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At first glance it would seem a classic Dutch colonial house but if you look more closely you will notice something unusual: the building was built entirely in glass! From walls to ceiling. It is not a real house but a building mixed use located in Schikndel, the Netherlands. It was built by the famous MVRDV architect Winy Mass.

During the Second World War, the city of Schikndel was completely destroyed. Since then there have been numerous projects to re-evaluate the area. Many ideas from Winy Mass and of these, the project for the realization of a glass building has been approved. Is called Glass Garm and it is a building that maximizesself-sufficiency through the use of natural resources, first of all, sunlight: with the walls and roof in glass it was not difficult to exploit thenatural lighting.

The skeleton of the house follows the classic lines of a Dutch house but with an extra gear: the architects of the MVRDV, inspired by the old local farmhouses, have "masked the glass ". The glass has undergone a high-tech printing process so as to appear with the more classic bricks, tiles and canopies.

At night, when the lights are turned on in the house, the images printed on the glass are reflected inside showing the facade of an old farmhouse, this print invokes a nostalgic sense. In some strategic points, the glass has been left unaltered, with its characteristic transparency.

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