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Expo 2015 to fight hunger in the world

Expo 2015 to fight hunger in the world

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Israel can do great things to support Expo 2015. The country has already formalized its presence at the Universal Exposition to be held in Milan in 2015 and its intentions are more than noble, to contribute to the Expo theme "Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life " not only on the occasion of Expo 2015, but always.

The theme of Expo 2015 aims to:

  • Defeat world hunger.
  • Triggering sustainable progress.
  • Support the development of new technologies.
  • Support global cooperation.

In this context, Israel can make a great contribution.
The Mediterranean country is a pioneer ofagriculture and water management. Over the past few decades it has proven its skill by developing technologies effective to bring theagriculture in the arid areas of the globe.

To start a cultivation, you need fertile soil, seeds and water. L'agriculture is at the basis of the nutrition of developing countries and through ambition of land reclamation works and irrigation programs and management of water resources, the country has achieved important desertification. An example is represented by the Kinneret-Negev aqueduct: a system of pipes, pumps, tunnels and canals 130 km long that carries water from the Sea of ​​Galilee, in the north of the country, to the arid areas of the south.

"In our Exhibition - underlined Roberto Formigoni, General Commissioner of Expo Milano 2015 -, a fundamental role will be played by agriculture, in particular in agri-food research: this is why Israel's presence in Expo is very important and its convinced investment is already a guarantee of success for us. Indeed, this country has reached absolute avant-garde levels in these sectors: just think of the techniques for producing food under extreme conditions and the best practices developed. We are therefore very satisfied with the signing of the Israeli contract, an act which also strengthens the consolidated friendship and relations at all levels between our countries ".

Video: Roundtable and launch of the 2015 Global Hunger Index- Oct. 12th., Expo Milan 2015 (June 2022).


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