BlackBraid, the ultralight bike

BlackBraid, the ultralight bike

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There carbon fiber this is by no means a novelty but only today is this material becoming accessible enough to be used in various sectors. There carbon fiber it is by no means a rare material but it has highs production costs and it has not yet returned to large-scale economies. As soon as the production processes undergo improvements, the carbon fiber will become the standard material for bicycle construction, just as aluminum has replaced the old and heavy steel, soon, the carbon fiber will replace aluminum!

The photo above shows a little girl lifting one bicycle. It is not a photomontage! That bike weighs just over 4 kilograms. It's about the bicycle Black Braid designed by PG-BIKES and built by Composites of Munich, Germany LaBlack Braid is made in carbon fiber supercoiled ". The resin obtained from the carbon fiber it is very strong, much stronger than steel and much lighter than aluminum.

ThereBlack Braid Bike it weighs about 4,400 kg, has a minimal design but is highly customizable both in colors and components. It can be equipped with various accessories, in fact there are some for every need.

There Black Braid Bike it also gets rid of the weight and bulk of the old metal chain, supplanting it with a more modern and cleaner toothed belt. The belt does not require maintenance or even lubrication, it is silent and weighs approximately 80 grams.

As we stated in our premise, unfortunately, even if the carbon fiber it is a well known material with a thousand uses, production difficulties impose high costs, so most of us will not have a Black Braid Bike! It should cost a lot of money: more than 15,000 euros… but just like with CD players, computers and mobile phones, the costs are inaccessible only at first!

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