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The idea of ​​using container disused to realize housing boxes it is not new. It must be admitted, however, that as soon as we see such a house we immediately understand that it is one container house, the house retains all the shapes and characteristics of a container with the addition of doors and windows. The unambiguous form of the container it was not so obvious for the Danish company World Flex Home who built a noteworthy house.

The new generation of housescontainer it takes advantage of the corrugated steel elements and the 40-foot modular sections to create housing structures where the old shape of the containers is completely invisible to our sight. The first concept was created by World Flex Home in Wuxi, China and fits into a space of approximately 186 square meters. The first prototype was made using three container disused, two places on one side and the third container placed in parallel on the opposite side. The two sides were connected by a sloping roof.


THE container they are given by sturdy steel elements, so the house is stable and resistant to both storms and earthquakes. Not only creative recycling but also energy efficiency and renewables: the Danish company has well thought of integrating the container house a bit of green innovations. There container house provides an area intended for housing of photovoltaic modules and goodies that halve the energy expenditure, among these, a green roof which acts like thermal insulator and is able to collect rainwater, convey it to a cistarna and use it for non-potable use (water for the toilet, for irrigation ...).

The buildings World Flex Home they are prefabricated so as to reduce construction times and the amount of waste produced on the site. Container homes can be easily relocated and recycled at the end of their life. The interiors of the container house set up in Wuxi are surprisingly spacious. The inclination of the roof provides a high ceiling on one side and low on the other. There is no shortage of large windows and windows that guarantee anatural lighting so as to reduce the electrical need. In the living area, a sliding glass door overlooks the outdoor patio so as to ensure the right natural ventilation.


The system designed by the Danish World Flex Home, is the first that involves setting up a prefabricated building that meets the international standards of sustainable construction and it is a structure that creates a highly liveable environment without negative impacts on the climate.



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