"Friends to die", the promo film from Puglia

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It is not the classic romantic comedy but an ironic feminine claim that nips any form of machismo in the bud. It was released in Italian cinemas on 7 March, it is entitled "Friends till death and it's a compelling, fun and all-female film, from the cast to the director. The leading actresses are Claudia Gerini, Cristina Capotondi and Sabrina Impacciatore under the direction of Giorgia Farina's debut. The only co-star male face is that of Vincio Marchioni, who in the film plays a male chauvinist and overbearing commissioner.

The film is a light yellow and tells the story of three women: Gilda, pragmatic boccarosa of the village, Olivia, a dazed and naive bride and Crocetta, unlucky of "maternal origins". For us of IdeasGreen the film wasn't just there comedy most beautiful Italian in recent years, but also an opportunity to tourism promotion, in fact we will focus on the setting. The story takes place on an unspecified Sicilian island but the filming was done in Puglia.

"Friends till death" was shot between Monopoly is Polignano a mare. With his filming, the film lens highlighted breathtaking landscape beauties that re-evaluate and relaunch the image of Puglia in the panorama tourist Italian. Crystal clear waters, characteristic villages and dream views.

During the film, the viewer is amused by the hilarious events of the "Gilda-Olivia-Crocetta" trio and is captivated by the whole context, sea, sun and landscapes. Monopoly with a unique coastline and surprising setting of a clean and bathing sea. Solitary coves with transparent and irresistible waters. Those who intend to crown their tourist dream with this Italian destination cannot miss the coves of Porto Bianco, Porto Rosso, Porto Paradiso, Portoicie, Porto Marzano and the very romantic Cala Verde.

Another witness of limpid and crystalline waters is Polignano a mare, with its decidedly picturesque coastal landscape. The vital nucleus of the city is the ancient village, a charming place rich in traditions and folklore. Polignano a mare is a place nicknamed the "blue pearl" of Puglia, the natural caves are inevitable, with the Grotta Palazzese in the front line, majestic and fascinating for the green and blue color of the waters.

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