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Regenerate the old potting soil

Regenerate the old potting soil

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Spring comes and balconies and terraces they appear bare to us. Time to prepare and repot to have a nice green at home in the warmer seasons, but what to do with old pots with withered plants? The land is precious and old soil should never be thrown away. In small quantities the old earth can be mixed with the new earth or the old earth can be regenerated.

How to regenerate the earth of pots? The old potting soil should be placed in a covered container or in a sack in which peat and soil are placed in layers. Once this is done, it is watered periodically and stirred every 30-40 days. The soil thus prepared will be ripe for repotting the following year.

Symptoms of a exhausted and devitalized soil it's yellowed leaves and the black spots on the leaves some plants. The phenomenon of pale and weak leaves is called chlorosis and reports lack of mineral salts in the soil. If the yellow leaves are placed at the end of the branches, they signal one iron deficiency; if they are in close contact with the stem, it is nitrogen deficiency.

A particularly pronounced chlorosis denotes magnesium deficiency, an essential element for the formation of chlorophyll. Leaf necrosis, the classic black spots, usually also associated with a loss of leaves at the base of the branches, indicates phosphorus deficiency, a crucial element for the formation of plant protein substances. In all these cases it is necessary renew the potting soil or integrate it with fresh earth.

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