Wind power

Wind power in China

Wind power in China

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According to data released by the China's Wind Energy Association, the capacity wind power of China exceeded 75 GW. After this milestone, the inshore wind sector of China is experiencing a slight slowdown in favor ofoffshore wind but above all dell'Nuclear industry China which is booming.

Compared to 75 GW, last year China installed 12.96 GW of power with a total of 7,872 wind turbines. The main plants installed in 2012 concern the Shandong region (1,129 GW), the Inner plant in Mongolia with 1,119 GW, thewind power plant of Gansu (1.07 GW) and that of Yunnan (1.03 GW).

As for the big cities, only Shanghai has seen improvements with an installed capacity of 34 MW, while no progress for Beijing and Hong Kong. The growth rate ofinshore wind farm fell by 26% but theoffshore wind saw an increase of almost 32% with an installed energy capacity in 2012 equal to 127 MW. While theinshore wind farm provides China with a power of 75 GW, theoffshore wind contributes with only 389.60 MW.

The geographical areas most interested in the wind sector they are rural ones (see Mongolia), while investments in more industrialized areas are thin. If China makes the most of the wind potential of rural areas (particularly windy) and increases offshore installations, it will not be difficult to reach the next goal.

China expects to reach an installed wind capacity of 250 GW by 2020. A capacity 3.3 times higher than the current one and 42 times higher than the 2007 condition. production of wind energy exceeds the nuclear one, the scenario could change: 40 percent of nuclear reactors of the globe currently in production, are located in China. L'Chinese nuclear industry will leave room for clean energies?

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