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Less caloric foods

Less caloric foods

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There calorie is the unit of measurement of the energy released by the various nutrients. There calorie is - at the same time - the unit of measurement of energy expenditure of the various functional processes of our organism, therefore, for a energy balance which aims to maintain a constant weight, the calories ingested must be equal to calories spent by the body.

For many people, the real problem isn't the excessive amount of calories ingested but the scarcity or even the absence of physical activity, so the energy balance it is chronically positive and tends to accumulate energy in the form of fat. For lose weight, in many cases, it is not necessary to draw up a proper one diet but simply eliminate junk food and increase the hours of motor activity.

With the premise that
Any queens feed too restrictive, unless properly prescribed by an expert nutritionist, can only harm ours metabolism and our health.

Now let's move on to'List of the least caloric foods to be included in the shopping list. The less calorie foods they are vegetable in nature, therefore, if we do not want to ingest pesticides, better to buy organic food. Many small producers do not have the organic brand but can still offer genuine products to the public. In short, before buying fruit, vegetables and greens, make sure they come from biological agriculture.

Less caloric foods, the amount of calories refers to 100 grams of product

  1. Fennel. With only 9 kcal
  2. Zucchini. With only 11 kcal
  3. Chicory. With only 12 kcal
  4. Red Radicchio. With only 13 kcal
  5. Cucumbers. With only 14 kcal
  6. Escarole. With only 15 kcal
  7. Endive. With only 16 kcal
  8. Chard. With only 17 kcal
  9. Eggplant. Green beans. Turnips. With only 18 kcal
  10. Lettuce, Beetroot. With only 19 kcal

In addition to these foods listed above, there are others that can "enrich" your salads adding flavor and few calories. What do you think of a red radicchio salad with fennel and .... radish? 100 grams of product have only 16 kcal and are made up of 95.27 g of water!

A green salad with tomatoes and lettuce?
Tomatoes have only 18 calories per 100 grams of product and a water content of 94.52 g. The amino acids of tomatoes include all those considered indispensable for nutrition, namely: glutamic acid, aspartic acid, threolin and asparagine. Plus, growing tomatoes on your balcony is extremely simple!



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