The Robot Salamander comes from Switzerland

The Robot Salamander comes from Switzerland

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Robots are replacing humans in industries, they have become such a massive phenomenon that you just need one 3D printer to make a human-like one. Exist robot as small as ants, for example, Harvard University developed the drone Micro Air Vehicles for studying the mind of bees. The technological landscape counts more and more robot with animal features, this is the case of the robot fish with artificial intelligence and the robot salamander designed for marine protection.

There Robot salamander was developed from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Biorobotics Laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its name is Salamander II, it acts like an amphibian and has the appearance of one salamander, the drone can walk on dry land and swim in water. In reality Salamander II can move using three means of locomotion: walking on dry land or swimming with the help of the legs or, as a third hypothesis, crawling.

The robot is composed by "a skeleton of vertebrae " of a salamander. When walks it only moves its legs and, based on the speed of rotation, that of the gait also varies. The Salamander can be remotely controlled via a laptop and wireless system. With the computer, you can change the mode of locomotion, speed and direction. The result is a robot that can swim like a fish, crawl like a snake, and walk like a lizard.

Another innovative aspect of Salamander II is its modularity. In what we previously defined "vertebrae skeleton " each vertebra consists of a module that has its own control system with a dedicated battery and motors that can be further divided according to their function. The individuality of the modules is essential because if a part of the robotic salamander is damaged, the rest of the drone can continue to perform its functions.

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